Custom Design Marketing

Super size your Listing or Ad on Neighbourlink!

Take your standard or featured business listing and advertisements on Neighbourlink, to the next level with custom designs, content and extra options that compliments your brand.

Boost your listings and post Ads

Custom marketing on Neighbourlink

Transform your business listing or post advertisement on Neighbourlink into a custom designed layout. A layout that compliments your brand, with customizable modules.

Our customizable modules allows you to design a mini website right within your listing or post on Neighbourlink.

Maximise your results with our custom marketing modules


Embed video’s from 3rd party links, like YouTube and Vimeo.

Socila Media

icon-based links that point to your social network, such as Facebook and Instagram


Display numerical information about anything in an eye-catching design.

Email Optin

Attractive signup forms and seamless integration with 21 popular email services.


Grow your email list, increase contact form submissions, promote a product, etc.


A variations of text designs, sizes, effects, animations and fonts.


Large or small, add a parallax background image as well as full-width video backgrounds.


Add unlimited pins to the map, and define a custom viewport starting location.

Countdown Timer

count down to a product launch, an upcoming event or a seasonal sale.


hover styles, use custom icons, and guide your visitors with interactive buttons.


Display important testimonials with detailed information.

Pricing Tables

eye-catching way to display pricing for services, packages, and subscription


Customizations including filters, animations, drop shadows, and more

Contact forms

input fields, textarea, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown capabilities


Display text, an image, and an icon. It’s great for highlighting services.


Consolidate information and improve user experience on your listing or post.


Highlight team members, featured vendors, company leadership, staff, and more.


To show a home tour, display your products, show off your work, and more.

Embed Code

Easily insert code (like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) or codes from third-party software.


Embed an audio file + a custom audio player anywhere.

Super size your Listing

With a Neighbourlink custom listing, you can have your own designs and layouts instead of the default content. Transform your current listing or let us make one for you using customised modules to your liking.

Here is an example of what is possible:

Neighbourlink NZ

Connecting local businesses with their communities in New Zealand. What’s going on in your neighbourhood?

Neighbourlink AU

Connecting local businesses with their communities in Australia. What’s going on in your neighbourhood?

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