Neighbourlink or Google Reviews?
Will it improve your online presence? Which one should you focus on?

Both Google business reviews and Neighbourlink are solid choices with a long history in the business.
Both of them are influential. But which one is the better choice?

Google Reviews Pros.

  • Being listed in Google My Business helps your Google Rankings.
  • Google Reviews are normally displayed higher on the page results than Neighbourlink.
  • Free for business owners.

Google Reviews Cons.

  • Less views than Neighbourlink.
  • Not as easy to navigate and find particular business listing on Google Reviews.
  • Not as easy to dispute inaccurate reviews.

Why we don’t’ recommend places like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

  • Accused of pressuring businesses to pay for better reviews to be displayed.
  • Review algorithm can be unpredictable, not all reviews will be displayed.
  • Reserves the right to terminate your listing at any for any reason.
  • Advertised as free, but charges unfair prices for results.

Neighbourlink Reviews as an alternative.

  • Established as a trusted review authority for years.
  • Neighbourlink backlinks provide a lot of SEO value.
  • Users can leave honest reviews only.
  • Business can dispute dishonest reviews and report bullying (this is taken seriously).
  • Donates a part of the profits to charity as ways of giving back to the community.

So which one should you be focussing on?

For now the answer is: Both!
While Google is winning over the public slowly with its seemingly unbiased treatment of reviews, it is not fast enough. Some people still consider Neighbourlink a more honest place for reviews, and for good reason. Neighbourlink strongly focuses on honest reviews, while Google reviews is just a small part of the Google empire. Report it here if you have a dishonest review on your existing listing and Neighbourlink will investigate the matter accordingly.

So support your local business and community and list your business on Neighbourlink.

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